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Franklin Financial has years of experience with troubled credit.

Obtaining credit after bankruptcy, late payments, repossession, foreclosure, and collections can be difficult. We find ways to qualify people with problems like these.

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We know it can be hard to find that vehicle that is just right for you. That's why we have we more than 75 convenient locations for you to choose from when selecting your next car, truck or van.

And you are not limited to a particular vehicle make and model. Our dealership network offers a large variety of vehicles from Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Lincoln, Cadillac and many others to choose from.

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Completely New

We know you are probably filled with an abundance of things to do each and every day. And we have received your feedback and so have taken the steps necessary to simplify your life. So we have created a completely new web site for you to give you the relief you deserve. More...

Increased Security

With anything online there are unfortunately security risks involved. And that’s true for any web servers connected to the internet. Then there are risks due to employee use or misuse of your all important private data. More...